The Situation

Life can often feel like a series of transitions. Not all of them are easy to navigate, especially when they affect your financial well-being. Here at First Financial Trust, we have years of experience helping our clients through a number of transitions such as divorce, living in retirement, the death of a spouse, and a number of other life changes. 

One of our clients had lost her husband and was still living in their home. She reached the point where it was just too much to maintain on her own and she needed to consider her options for selling the house and moving to assisted living.

We make wealth management understandable and achievable for everyone involved. Our investment management approach takes a holistic view and simplifies and organizes what can be overwhelming and challenging.

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Our Solution

We knew that this would be a challenging decision for our client, so we visited her at her home and sat down to discuss the options with her.

She shared the type of living situation she wanted, and we did a full facility search. We narrowed down the options of a number of properties that could give different levels of care, so as she needed more help, it could be available for her.

Once she chose where she wanted to live, we completed all the applications and logistics of moving and getting her settled.

We took care of the financial aspects and paid her bills and even helped to take care of the dog. She is happily settled in her new home, and we have begun to work with the next generation in her family to ensure that their estate and financial plans are in order.